Raw MAterials SCENario Efficiency improvement assessment tool and blended learning package.

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RaMa-Scene is an EIT Raw Materials project with the objective of facilitating decision making and the diffusion of knowledge and skills for raw materials scenarios.


The database behind the platform is EXIOBASE V3.3.sm (1995-2011) in Industry Technology Assumption (ITA) and product-by-product format. 200 products including secondary raw materials, 49 countries and 10 characterised impact indicators are available for selection to allow for complex multi-variate analysis.
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Production and consumption views

Explore environmental and economic impact resulting from the production or consumption of goods and services. The *Production* view allows for the investigation of impacts in the production of specific product categories while in the *Final Consumption* view impacts are assessed throughout the entire supply-chain of a consumed product category.
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Split view

Compare historic data from EXIOBASE v3.3 with the Production and/or the Consumption view. Alternatively compare historic data with modelled scenarios. This feature enables a comparative breakdown of dimensions via either treemap or geographic visualizations.

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Leiden University - CML

Prof. A. Tukker: Tukker@cml.leidenuniv.nl
F. Donati: f.donati@cml.leidenuniv.nl
S. Niccolson: s.i.niccolson@cml.leidenuniv.nl

TU Delft

Prof. R. Balkenende: a.r.balkenende@tudelft.nl
Dr. C. Bakker: c.a.bakker@tudelft.nl

Fraunhofer IBP

Dr. R. Graf: roberta.graf@ibp.fraunhofer.de
Dr. R. Ilg: robert.ilg@ibp.fraunhofer.de


Ir. T. Geerken: theo.geerken@vito.be
Ir. A. Vercalsteren: an.vercalsteren@vito.be